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Blinkie shop

For your pixel and request needs

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Welcome to blinkie_shop
Owned bysaferwaters
Ran and co-owned by rockgirl182
We hope to remain drama free.
Follow our rules and forms and we should have no issues :)

To join:

Just join, watch the community & wait for approval.
No new journals; must be at least 6 months old. If you renamed, please us know!
You must have a profile, friends and journal entries. No lurkers please.
You may be denied if you are known for stealing or drama.

Community Rules

Comment when you pick up. We're not mind readers.
Save to your own server/upload to your own host.
Credit is appreciated!
If paid pixels are used by either maker; credit is required. File names contain the credit as well; don't change them.
Don't edit our creations or ask someone else to redo/fix it. If something is wrong, let us know and we'll fix it.
Don't tear apart our creations. Most of the pixels we use, we edit to our liking or pair pixels together.
Keep our graphics on Livejournal only please! (No facebook, myspace, dreamwidth, etc)
If you have a question, ask. We don't bite!

To request:

You can request 1 pixel-to-blinkie a week

No large dolls please! CW Minis are ok!

We offer freebies when we can that usually have a limit of how many people can request.


Currently: Closed for requests

I've been making since 2002.
I don't have many rules, I try to be fair. I really just love to make and see my requests fill up!
I take both pixel-to-blinkie requests and freebie requests.
My gallery may be offered sometimes as a freebie, but not as a weekly request.
I don't have a "request every other freebie" rule. But if you're not going to use it, let someone else have that spot instead. I may limit them depending on how busy life gets.

For p2bs:


Currently: closed for requests.

Jessie is currently on hiatus. She'll be back when she can!